Photo by  Bryson Rand

Photo by Bryson Rand


    Kathryn Vaughan is a Philadelphia-based painter. She received a Certificate in Painting and Drawing from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, and a BFA from the University of Pennsylvania. 
    Vaughan’s paintings assimilate imagery from memory and observation to create visual manifestations of her shape and symbol fixations. Negotiating the line between abstraction and representational painting, Vaughan often uses still life studies in her work to generate symbols such as vessels, the figure, flowers and fruit.  The arrangement of symbology in her paintings touch on themes of femininity, material culture, and the absurd. While her paintings complicate the relationship between seeing, perceiving, and projecting, used are various formal devices to treat the images in her work so as to assert the complicated nature of reality.  Her interpretations, ranging from playful to confused, evade conclusions by persisting in the questions asked of the often cataclysmic spaces that occupy her work.


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